2010 Results

Class 1

Tableau Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1  Huckyduck CC. Spirit of the Biltz 
2 Gemini CC.  Coliseum 
3 Pentathlon CC.  At The Bottom Of The Garden 
4 Wills CC..  Galactic Circus 
5 Shambles CC.  Museum Life 
6 Oasis CC.  Dragonfire 
7 King William CC.  A-DA-NV-DO-TSA GI (Spirit Dreams) 
8  Centurion CC. Mystery of the Tarot 


Class 3 

Feature Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Gremlins CC. Wild Bill's Runaway Train 
2 Ramblers CC.  (Guardians) of the Deep 
3 Gremlins CC.  Wild Bill's Runaway Dream 
4 Masqueraders CC.  The Odyssey 
5 Harlequin CC.  Geppetto's Workshop 
6 British Flag CC.  Gargoyles 
7 Marketeers CC.  Clockwork Kingdon 
8 Griffen's CC.  Tusk 
9 Westonzoyland CC.  Draco Militis 
10 Mendip Vale CC.  That's a Wrap 
11 Vagabonds CC.  Moonlight Masquerade 
12 Globe CC.  Fiddle Fight 
13 Aliens CC.  The Deep 
14 Crusaders CC.  Frosty Jack 
15 Cobra CC.  Dragon's Dance 
16 Wick CC.  Scrooge 
17 Lime Kiln CC.  Bombay Dream 
18 Eclipse CC.  Voodoo Carnival 
19 Phoenix CC.  Rome 217 AD 
20 YMCA  It's Christmas 
21 Britannia CC  Spirit of the Hawk 
22 Renegades CC  Carnivale 
23 Club 2000 CC.  Rock Star 
24 Gorgons CC. Egyptian Blue
25 Hot Rock CC. Touch Down
26 Cavaliers CC. Jest for Fun


Class 5 

Comic Feature Cart
Position Club Entry
1  Newmarket CC.  It's a Sin
2 Wells & Glastonbury CC.  The Way you Mooove 
3 Just Georges CC.  Oh-Lay 
4 Cary Comedians CC.  The Way You Milk Me Phil 
5 2R's CC  River Prance 
6 Luckington CC.  Navy Lark 
7 Mardens CC.  Mature Chavs 


Class 6 

Juvenile Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Marina Sydenham JCC. Africa 
2 Hillview JCC.  The Show 
3 Toppers JCC.  Ceremonial Barge 
4 Key Kids JCC.  Rio 


Class 7 

Groups of Masqueraders Adult
Position Club Entry
1 Xtreme CC. Poker Face 
2 Wilfs CC.  This Is No Wind Up - It's The Wilfs 
3 Divas CC.  Zimmer Olympics 
4 Natajacks  It's a Topsy Turvy World 
5 Crazy Crew CC.  "Now Wot" (Who Knows?) 


Class 8 

Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
Position Club Entry
1  Avalon JCC. Rock Around the Clock 


Class 9 

Groups of Masqueraders Mixed
Position Club Entry
1  Nor-Maniacs Somethings Different (Who Knows What)
2 Cooke Family  The Bearded Peril 
3 Crusaders Cubs  Frosty's Followers 


Class 10 

Position Club Entry
1 Crusaders Cubs Frosty's Followers 
2 Foxy Ladies  Check Mates 
3 Smandy's CC  Mask Scare Ade 
4 Krakus CC.  Two Spaced Out 
5 Fantasy CC.  Jesters 


Class 11 

Single Masquerader (Adult)
Position Club Entry
1 A&A Skulduggery 
2 Mike Daniells  A Good Knight 
3 Jodie B Mitchell  Jewel of the Sea 
4 Jeanette Plummer  Arborescent 
5 Dave Arney  Rag Time 
6 Mono  Papilios 
7 Hannah Jackson  Samba Sensation 
8 Kevin Sivell  Behind the Mask 
9 Adam Cox  Plain Sailing 
10 St. Peter's CC.  Final Fight 
11 Abbie Haines  Power Flower 


Class 12 

Single Masquerader (Open)
Position Club Entry
1 Matthew Parker Rainbow's End 
2 Amy Pickersgill  INTI 
3 Becky Carlow  Tudor 
4 Georgia Kitchen  Polar Ice Queen 
5 Mark Sivell  Oceanic Treasure 
6 Jessica Ryall  Gift For Mum 
7 Sammie Callow  And The Winner Is!! 
8 Carinca Haines  Pinctada 
9 Gemma Sivell  By Royal Invitation 


Class 13 

Towing Vehicle
Position Club Entry
1 Masqueraders CC. The Odyssey 
2 GremlinsCC.  Wild Bill's Runaway Train 


Class 14 

Vehicle Driver
Position Club Entry
1 Ramblers CC.  Guardians of the Deep 
2 Eclipse CC.  Voodoo Carnival 
3 Huckyduck CC.  Spirit of the Blitz 
4 Gorgons CC.  Egyptian Blue 


Class 15 

Best Decorated Generator
Position Club Entry
1 Marketeers CC.  Clockwork Kingdom 
2 Gremlins CC.  Wild Bill's Runaway Train 
3 Masqueraders CC.  The Odyssey 


Class 16 

Trade Open
Position Club Entry
1  Wookey Hole Caves Santa Land at Wookey Hole 
2 Premier Raceway Carting  Premier Raceway 
3 Weston College  W-S-M Weston College 
4 Total Star Radio  Total Star
5 Playhouse Theatre  Cinderella 


Class 17 

Anything Goes
Position Club Entry
1 Boogy Base Bugs Bodacious
2 Lucy Gunter Dance Studio  Dance & Burn the Street 
3 Rainbow JCC.  Knights 
4 Next Generation  Kool Runners 
5 CISPP  Exhibition Vehicle 



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