2015 Results

Class 1

Tableau Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Pentathalon CC. What Lies Beneath
2 Huckyduck CC. Gatsby
3 Gemini CC. Scott's Terra Nova
4 Wills CC The Secret Creed
5 King William CC. Waterloo
6 Oasis CC. Gnome Sweet Gnome
7 Centurion CC. Victorian Christmas
8 Unicorn CC. V.E. Day


Class 3 

Feature Cart Open
Position Club Entry
1 Gremins CC. Lights, Camera Action!
2 Marketeers CC.  Noah 
3 Harlequin CC.  Fogg's World Tour 
4 Ramblers CC.  Gangs of Gotham 
5 British Flag CC.  Encore 
6 Renegades CC.  Texas Town 1869 
7 Masqueraders CC.  Jiérí (Festival of the Dragon)
8 Wick CC.  Timekeeper 
9 Toppers CC.  Ice Bound 
10 Griffens CC.  In Time 
11 Lime Kiln CC.  Showboat 
12 Eclipse CC.  Madagascar Europe's Most Wanted 
13 Cobra CC.   Vamparade
14 Shambles CC.  Wonka 
15 Aliens CC.  Halloween (The Witching Hour) 
16 Globe CC.  Under The Sea 
17 Vagabonds CC.  Shazam 
18 Mendip Vale CC.  Sherlock 
19 Hot Rock CC.  Temple Of Light 
20 Gorgons CC.  The Big Top 
21 Bridgwater YMCA  CC. Wonderland 
22 Westonzoyland CC.  Vikings 
23 Cavaliers CC.  Evil Within 


Class 5 

Comic Feature Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Newmarket CC. Oh What a Beauty
2 Cary Comedians CC. Carnival Queen
3 2R's CC Monster Mash
4 Luckington CC. Jungle Rumble
5 Nunsford Nutters CC. Gone Fishin'
6 Just Georges CC. Rock Pots
7 Mardons CC. Wrinkles Rave


Class 6 

Juvenile Cart
Position Club Entry
1 Marina Sydenham JCC. Marine Ahoy! 
2 Hillview JCC.  It's a Cracker 
3 Key Kids JCC.  Clowns Party 
4 Thatchers JCC.  Happy 


Class 7 

Groups of Masqueraders Adult
Position Club Entry
1 Vagabonds CC. The Parade of Ali
2 Xtreme CC.  Salute! 
3 Wilfs CC.  Wilfs present 2000 Leagues Under the Sea 
4 Highwayman CC.  Can We Fix It? 
5 Bridgwater Belles Dance and C Way Out West 
6  Crusaders CC. Happy Birthday 


Class 8 

Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
Position Club Entry
1 Crusaders Cubs Happy Birthday 2 


Class 9 

Groups of Masqueraders (3-5)
Position Club Entry
1 Smandy's CC Dia De Los Muertos
2 Just Peachy CC.  Maslenitsa 
3 Fantasy CC.  Witches From The West 


Class 10 

Position Club Entry
1 Samvantra Juniors Mexica
2 Dee Gees CC.  Scarecrow Rebellion 
3 Cousins CC.  Flying Saucers 
4 Dave & Lisa Arney  Lost in Time 
5 Jiggle CC.  Invasion 


Class 11 

Single Masquerader Adult
Position Club Entry
1 A&A CC. iRobot 
2 Jacks CC. / Simon Jackson  Ride To Rio 
3 Jeanette Plummer  The Tailor of Gloucester 
4 Roger Muspratt-Hamilton  Maximus 
5 The Academy of Carnival  Stars of the Silver Screen 
6 Lucy Thomas  Endangered 
7 Metamorphosis CC.  Ooh La-La! 
8 Michael Churches The End of the Line
9 Abbie Haines Gitana Romani
10 Spirit CC. Fever
11 Sam Duffield (Black Horse CC.) The Rubiks Man


Class 12 

Single Masquerader Juvinile
Position Club Entry
1 Carina Haines Czrevna's Glacial Odyssey
2 Izzy Wheeler  And Whoosh! They Were Gone 
3 Lotty Wheeler  'Robin' Hood 
4 Rio Welsh  Draco Lanista 
5 Jiggle Junior CC.  Ice Fairy 


Class 13 

Towing Vehicle
Position Club Entry
1 Gremlins CC. Light's Camera Action!
2 Marketeers CC.  Noah 
3 = Harlequin CC.  Fogg's World Tour
3 = Pentathalon CC.  What Lies Beneath 


Class 14 

Vehicle Driver
Position Club Entry
1 Marketeers CC. Noah
2 Pentathalon CC.  What Lies Beneath 
3 Eclipse CC. Madagascar Europe's Most Wanted 
4 King William CC.  Waterloo 


Class 15 

Entries with Disabilities
Position Club Entry
1 The Academy of Carnival Sister Michael 
2 Chipmunks CC.  Alvinn! (and the Chipmunks) 


Class 16 

Trade Open
Position Club Entry
1 Great Dorset Steam Fair Great Dorset Steam Fair 


Class 17 

Anything Goes
Position Club Entry
1 Dancefit Academy Join the Circus 
2 Bees  Into the Woods 
3 N/A   N/A


Class 18 

Best Decorated Generator
Position Club Entry
1  Marketeers CC.  Noah


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